code fq programa de talent development responsabilidad social emprender formacion


Outplacement with a difference.

In a world of employment where traditional career development options are becoming increasingly rare, codeFQ was born to help companies to provide a complementary solution to regular outplacement programmes. The employees of today and tomorrow must prepare for abrupt and unexpected career changes. They must also be open to new ideas in order to increase their future career opportunities.

Our aim is to promote franchising to members of staff of large companies and corporations that are subject to early retirement programmes or paid voluntary redundancies.

CodeFQ offers the employee numerous advantages when investigating in a new franchise businesses. We match the individual’s profile with franchise opportunities that suit their skill set and aspirations. We present a work plan, developed over 10 steps, that may conclude with the candidate investing in the brand of their choice and becoming a self-employed business owner.

CodeFQ goes beyond technical training. CodeFQ is a ‘business ownership’ programme that prepares the candidate for self-employment.

After our special selection process, we will help candidates in 2 areas:

  • the technical skills needed to launch a new franchise business and,
  • the personal skills needed to prepare them for the challenge of self-employment.

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CodeFQ offers employees who are subject to outplacement programmes, an opportunity to become self-employed business owners. We match their profile and aspirations, with leading, ethical franchise brands in the UK.

Matt O’Neil – Franchise Matchmaking Services Ltd

Why codeFQ?


The current economic climate is forcing many companies to restructure their workforce through early retirement, redundancies, and outplacement plans for their workers.

Many of these people are highly qualified professionals, with extensive experience. However, due to the current job market; a lack of opportunities, or even their age, finding a new job may be difficult. Especially if they are only looking at conventional options.

CodeFQ will educate and guide selected candidates through a 10 step programme on how to choose, analyse and invest in a franchise business that suits their skills and aspirations.

Our expertise is educating and preparing top level candidates for the world of self-employment. Franchising is considered to be the safest and smartest option to starting a new business. The option of starting a franchise business is the perfect complement and alternative route to conventional outplacement services.

Dugan Aylen – The Franchising Centre


code fq programa de talent development responsabilidad social emprender formacion

We assist your employees to become self-employed business owners. We train them in all aspects of due diligence, from things they will need to know about their legal and financial obligations, through to the acquisition and launch of their new business.

code fq programa de talent development responsabilidad social emprender formacion

The codeFQ programme focuses on matching potential franchisees with ethical, proven and successful franchise opportunities. The businesses must comply with the franchising code of ethics and current legislation.


Our specialised outplacement development programme matches your employee’s profile and aspirations with the UK’s leading franchise opportunities to ensure that they have the best chance of success. We want to provide your employees with everything that they need to start a new business journey into self-employment.

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    Our philosophy

    To provide a specialised service of technical and personal support to your employees, and guide them on their journey from learning to the launch of their new business.

    Network and experience

    • 300+ combined years of important and recognised expertise in the franchise world
    • 600+ companies we have worked with
    • 17 specialist consultants in the UK
    • International – In addition to UK & Ireland, our network extends to all major international markets
    • 1,700+ business launches
    • 950+ projects delivered over last 25 years